Rain serenade

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next year i’ll go as a vintage louis handbag filled with french fries because that’s the direction i’m heading

1: get extremely intoxicated from your drug of choice!!

2: forget to remove makeup

3: remember you never did remove previously mentioned makeup 2 days later and

4: watch how you literally (magically???) develop scales where human skin once used to be!


That’s a first!! I guess we’ve got similar eyes/mouth + massive foreheads? I’ll probably look like him when I’m old, haha!!

I used to be ambidextrious, but I tore a couple of ligaments in my left hand a few years ago and lost pretty much all control over my left hand, so watching someone do this shit makes me very jealous and a lil bit sad!!


I made that patch myself!

Regarding money, I work and (try to) save up what I can. I’m horrible with money, though, I give what I can to whoever need it and lend to anyone that asks, but I hate asking for people to return it, lol. I don’t buy a lot of clothes, honestly.

Learn how to work rakuten, ebay, sufu et al. and you’ll find that buying amazing stuff doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive.